Thursday, December 13, 2012

Error during formLoad Access is denied in CRM 2011


I would like to share some information with you regarding a little error message that you might stumble on if you have CRM 2011 and enable document management.

If you get an error message from the webpage during form load in CRM 2011 then you might be having the same problem as I just had.

The error message is
Error during FormLoad Access is denied


This error was generated because the CRM Server was configured with document management and the URL for the SharePoint server was not configured with FQDN (http://SharePointServer) and the users access CRM with the server name in FQDN format (

To resolve this you should use the same format for your SharePoint URL and your CRM URL.

Like http://SharePointServer and http://crmserver
This will place the URLs in the same security zone in Internet Explorer (if your admin has not configured any special IE Policy restrictions)
All URLs that you access without FQDN format will be placed in the Local intranet Zone in Internet Explorer by default

If you click to open the document location in your CRM form within the left navigation area you might also see a warning message from Internet Explorer like the following



I hope this is helpful for some one else as well Ler

Happy troubleshooting!


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